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GTO stands for “game theory optimal”, a concept that derives directly from the Nash equilibrium, formulated by the famous mathematician within the scope of Game Theory. 

To play GTO in poker means to adopt an optimal strategy that enables you to make the best decision possible regardless of your opponent's choices.  

Therefore, it is a strategy for which the opponent cannot make a profitable counter. In other words, a GTO game is unexploitable. 

A solver works by decision trees. It is necessary to define all the possible actions at each turn of the game, for all the players with their strategic preferences (sizes, donkbets, Cbet...).

It is therefore essential to perfectly parameterize all the possible actions and to have a very high computing power in order to obtain ultra-precise results.

PioSolver and MonkerSolver have slighty different characteristics, especially in the calculation method.

The main difference lies in the fact that PioSolver does not allow solving multiway games, unlike MonkerSolver.

All our solutions have been simulated on servers equipped with dual Xeon Platinum processors and +1000 GB ram.

MonkerSolver: we have used billions or even tens of billions of iterations, on gigantic trees composed of hundreds of millions to several billion nodes.
We have respected an iteration/node ratio of at least 10 in order to have relevant results.

PioSolver: we systematically used 400+ subsets of flops and five sizings per street, parameterized at 0.30% of the pot accuracy. 

It is a calculation method which consists in repeating the repetition of a process, in order to approach gradually the solution and reduce more and more the margin of error. Adapted to poker solvers, it enables to reach optimal solutions, as unexploitable as possible.

The subsets of flops are used to solve the game.

In Hold'em there are 22100 possible flops, 1755 of which are strategically different. This is a huge quantity of data, impossible to process. However, it is possible to reduce the number of flops, while maintaining extreme precision in the results, by organizing them into structured subsets via a coefficient to adjust the frequency of occurrence and, in this way, represent all flops. And that is what we did, using over 400 subsets of flops for each simulation.

Most of our ranges were solved on MonkerSolver. These can be viewed on the software MonkerViewer completely for free, available for both Windows and macOS operating systems. 

To view our ranges: 
- Download your product (zipped folder) and extract the "ranges" folder from the zipped folder. 
- Click on this link, download MonkerViewer, and register on MonkerWare (100% for free).
- Open MonkerViewer and log in 
- Click on SETTINGS  click on LOCAL RANGES FOLDER  select your "ranges" folder  click on OPEN 
- You will find your ranges by clicking on the LOCAL tab. 

If you have an older version of MonkerViewer, you probably won't find the LOCAL RANGES FOLDER tab. In that case copy and paste your unzipped "ranges" folder in the MonkerViewer folder, as shown in this video tutorial (currently only available in French).   

On Mac, an error message may appear when trying to download MonkerViewer. The main reasons are: 
- You don't have Java. In this case, download it from
- Mac doesn't recognize MonkerWare as a reliable source. In this case, authorize it in the "system preferences" of your Mac. 

Our MTT ranges were solved on Simple Preflop Holdemcan. They can be viewed by downloading the free version of Simple Preflop Holdem. 
The program is not supported by the operating system MacOS. However, you can use a virtualization program (Parallels, Bootcamp). We suggest you try to install the free version of Simple Preflop Holdem before buying our product, to make sure that it works correctly. 

How to view the ranges:
- Download your product and unzip it.
- Click here and then on "try it for free" to download Simple preflop Holdem. 
- Install and open the program. 
- Click on FILE → click on OPEN → click on the unzipped product → select the solution you want to view → click OPEN  

Here you can find our video tutorial (currently only available in French).   

Our products are designed for all poker players who want to make real progress.